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Get your web analytics done appropriately by the professionals. At Clevbrain, we provide effective web analytics solutions to our clients so that they can not only ensure robust product development but place it strategically well to thrive in the market. Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of IT, we understand the mindset of website visitors. We know what gets those visitors tick and what encourages them to purchase products and services.

web analytics

Web Analytics Services

We will help you identify potential opportunities by executing various market audits for your product and services. The market audit is crucial as it defines who is the targeted user and gives transparent results about where do your products stand and what are the tasks you have to execute to outperform your competitors in the targeted segment.

Once the activities are defined, our team will start working on the implementation phase. At Clevbrain, we offer digital activities to ensure more commercial growth for your products. This is where the real magic begins. As our analytics team will sit together, we will generate actionable and highly comprehensive reports We would be using relevant tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to verify prospects’ engagement on the web.

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Web Analytics


ANALYSIS : At Clevbrain, we rigorously research the data. We will establish a system where you can analyze the performance of social media, mobile application, PPC ad, or website form. Our analysis platform will help you get the numbers quickly. We will provide a stream of key performance indicators.

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE : We have relevant experience in web analytics activities. We have worked with almost all the leading industries that you can think of.

COST-EFFECTIVE PACKAGES : We understand that each brand has its requirements for web analytics. Therefore, we are open to provide only specific web analytics solutions if required.

COMPLETE SATISFACTION : We believe that without a web presence, it is almost impossible for a company to thrive in this digital age. Therefore, as a web analytics service provider, we feel responsible for helping our clients grow their companies.