Sencha Touch is one of the most useful frameworks that can improve your mobile and web development activities to another level. At Clevbrain, we provide affordable Sencha Touch development services so that brands can leverage the power of JavaScript for both mobile and web.

Sencha Touch is an open-source mobile application development framework built using JavaScript. It is also one of the initial frameworks that use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript programming language for mobile.

Sencha Touch allows for implementing audio and video files. It also lets developers format their mobile app’s elements through CSS3. Sencha Framework creatively utilizes all the hardware to ensure native user experience.
Along with iOS and Android, Sencha Touch also allows BlackBerry and other smartphone platforms. So, if you choose a Sencha Touch framework for your project development, you will be able to cover almost all the hardware and digital devices by just coding on JavaScript.
Sencha Touch

For a brand, having a mobile application for iOS and Android would be complicated for management. Since each platform has different rules that require different skills to write code, that’s when Sencha Touch would help you cope with all these scenarios by merging everything under one roof and effectively execute significant tasks for your prospective clients.

Web and mobile applications build using Sencha Touch extremely customizable, flexible, and scalable. For example, if you are just covering Android through Sencha Touch, you can scale your app to iOS and web in the future if required.

Clients can also save a lot of funds by investing in the Sencha Touch framework. Because they no longer have to invest in different platforms and hire dedicated resources for each platform and device. Everything will be managed under one roof. A code written for Android phones would also work for iPhones and Blackberry phones and desktop. Therefore, companies can save a lot of costs in the development phase by using Sencha Touch.

Web apps built on Sencha Touch provide a native mobile app user experience. That means you can ensure concurrent experience across multiple devices and platforms without any hassle.

The development time of your app through Sencha Touch would be much faster because companies don’t have to wait for iOS and Android developers to complete programming and test the app on respective platforms to maintain the performance. Since Sencha Touch supports every possible platform, the JavaScript code would work flawlessly everywhere without any glitches.

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Why Clevbrain?

Experience Cross-platform App Development

What works for the web might not work for mobiles and vice versa. Thanks to our enhanced experience with Sencha Touch and overall cross-platform application development activities, we understand how designing and development should be done for every kind of application. Our experience with cross-platform app development allows us to establish a system that automatically covers any potential hassle that may arise during the app.

Our Commitment is Our Advantage

We commit to deliver quality work on time. Because time is very important for applications since people would be managing their business by our apps, therefore, once we commit a deadline, our developers, designers, and managers would work tirelessly to meet the deadline superlative quality. After delivering, we promise to be there to assist you anytime you need us.

Talented Man Power

At Clevbrain, we have a team of skilled web developers who have worked on different projects built using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Therefore, we can easily build your mobile apps on the Sencha Touch framework. Our workforce has more than a decade of experience in the programming industry, so they understand how to optimize UI/UX of web and mobile apps to be able to deliver quality results to clients. Starting from wireframing to developing and advertising your mobile and web app, we are always there for you.