Ensure your application’s performance by hiring our experienced testers and developers. Focusing on designing and development is essential but also paying a keen interest in testing the application also plays a vital role in making the app successful. At Clevbrain, we provide useful QA and Testing solutions to our clients so that they can make better decisions of making changes in the app to ensure effective performance. We follow a systematic approach and provide affordable packages.

QA Testing

Here we ensure that the application or software meets certain specifications and expectations. It is fulfilling the functions it was supposed to be. The app has to be user friendly to cover a bigger audience because not everyone can figure out a way to operate an app. Here we ensure that the product is robust enough to be used efficiently. Not everyone has flagship devices and high-speed internet to give it to the app.

We run automated and manual testing to ensure that the app or website is compliant with CAG 2.1 AA or AAA certifications. We will provide you with a detailed report of the errors that you must solve and comply with for certifications. . Our developers identify potential threats and effects in the development and designing that might lead to potential failures. If the devices and software components are taking care of each other, then app development will be of no use.

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quality assurance

Potent Team : We provide end-to-end QA and Testing requirements. Our QA and Testing teams have a good track record of assessing different applications across different industries.

Relevant Experience : Whether you have a mobile app, web app, saas platform, e-commerce website, gaming app, APIs, or big data analytics app, we can provide testing for all of them.

Knowledge of Tools : At Clevbrain, we know the protocol and the software required to test the applications in all the scenarios. We practice high-end software and AI algorithms to proactively test apps.

Affordable Packages : We know that testing the application can be daunting, and not every organization has the budget Therefore, we have designed affordable packages so that companies of all sizes can test their apps.

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