Get a fantastic logo for your organization by our world-class logo designers from Clevbrain. We are living in the era of marketing where the distinction is essential for a brand. Because a distinction brings individuality, which plays a vital role for a company in helping it stand-out of the pack, your company should have a resemblance that people can relate with and eventually become your customer. The logo is the first thing that generates the resemblance and first impression for your company. Every individual who sees your logo establishes a brand image consciously or subconsciously. It is a fact that a logo makes the brand identifiable. And if you can create a logo that resonates with your targeted customers, it will become the face of your company. So, to create such lasting visual appeal and image for your organization, hire dedicated logo designers from us.

Logo Design

Over Process of Logo Designing

Thanks to our vast practice in logo designing, we have established a step-by-step procedure to give our clients the logo for their company. After so many years of experience as a designing agency, we understand how logo designing should be approached and how ideas should be brainstormed to bring innovativeness, attractiveness, and elegance in logo design.

Initial Briefing

Logo design starts with an initial briefing. Whenever you connect with us, our account manager or project manager will get in touch with you and understand your vision to help us understand what type of logo suits your needs. You will be asked about your targeted prospects, markets, demographics, and budget so that we can help you get the best logo. We will run a series of email conversations, video conferences, and detailed questionnaires to get a deep understanding of your requirements. These sessions will have a lot of questions so that we can grab all the necessary details and design the right logo for you.

Final Changes

We will sit together on a virtual conference or face-to-face, depending upon availability, for probable changes. We will discuss the logo and decide about the changes if required. Most of the time, our clients approve one logo from the initial designs only. Our logo designers have created thousands of designs and helped agencies scale their brand image through a logo. So, we suggest accurate solutions and deliver the best layouts. This process would be interactive as we will be in constant communication to make changes in the layout and develop a suitable logo design for your brand.


After getting all the details and goals, our designers will start rigorous research and find ideas for your company's logo. We practice in-depth team brainstorming sessions about the industry and analyze current market scenarios to come up with trending and ideal logo design.

Initial Designing

After comprehending your requirements and completing our research for your logo, you will create initial layouts and share them with you. Will try to make your vision sparkle through your logo, and deliver a couple of samples. The samples will have unique designs, different angles, color combinations, and look-and-feel. Thanks to our active persuasion and reliable execution of earlier procedures, we can give you the best logo design options to choose from.

Handover and Maintenance

We have to go back-and-forth before finalizing the design. We will handover the logo design to you after the tasks are completed. We deliver logo designs in relevant formats of PSD, AI, PNG, JPEGs, TIFF, etc. We take care of creating a lasting brand image with a new logo, and therefore, we extend our association with our clients by helping them promote the new logo of their company. So, we can also help you promote your new logo and create a buzz in the industry. With the help of a website, social media, email outreach, and influencer marketing, we will plan out and interactive online marketing campaigns so that your company can have an impact on a new logo.

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