Top 10 common mistakes while developing a mobile game.

Mobile is the most used device in the world. And to make this device more interesting we, play games. There are tons of variety in the game play world. But to make a came isn’t an easy task as it looks. Mobile games are always fun to pass time and enjoy interacting with friends online. However, More than that, it is a great source of income for the developers.

Mobile games are the biggest marketing tools and branding company. But moreover, to build a notable game and a brand company. First is to build an amazing game and, How much it will cost, there will be many questions regarding that. So here we will try to give you a complete guide regarding the cost of Mobile game development.

One of the most important decisions to make is to choose the platform between Android and IOS to built the game. The platform has a huge impact on the game development process. But once you decide on the platform, it will be a great help in generating revenue from it. Because gaming building is a high profitable mode for earning.

Having said that, Once you decide the platform between Android and IOS, there is a whole process of making a game on that particular platform. Android is a knowingly bigger platform than IOS, Due to which the cost of making an Android game is relatively higher than making an IOS platform game.

On an IOS generated platform the costing is beneficial in terms of revenue invested and obtained by the game because of its special demand. There is a huge 10 to 20% marginal difference in creating an IOS game and also making a profit from it.

Whenever you make a game or any application, there is always pre tasks and expense recorded in the making of the game. Some plans need to be pre-planned when you make a game that, can be funded a little early to make sure the game-making process starts perfectly and in a planned manner.

Game DesignThe first step to make any game is to make game design, You cannot go wrong with this first and foremost important step. And game designing takes a lot of effort and quite some amount of money.

One of the keenest features in the game making is a storyline and game play description. It is all built on the shoulder of a story writer and, to make it work they, should be pay first to give their creative work appreciation.

Developing a game is not one go task, there will be defiantly many up and down in the process of it, And to fix it, we test the game from bug too big action problem, the developer and tester give their level best to overcome all the bugs and issues in the game. The work of the developer and Tester is much more appreciated and expensed then any other person. And every game has different variables in it to see, make, and check for the cost of the game.

Every game has different aspects of its cost. But we as a company make sure to give you the best game building experience at an effective cost. Our motto is to provide you the best and at a very moderate price from the market for all types of games. For example

  • Mini-games
  • Simple 2D casual games
  • Mid-level mobile games
  • High-level mobile games

No matter what game it is, We try to give and low costing than the market for the benefit of the client. We develop the best game for the enjoyment and joyful experience of the players.

After a game is built, few things need to be kept in mind after it’s been made there are still some post-development expenses left for testing and marketing.

  • Testing

Final testing done by the tester and approval is the end of the long journey making the game of desire. Testing the game also has some pre-development expenses to look after but having said that without it. The work of fame is incomplete.

  • Marketing

In the end when our final product is ready in gaming then the joyous part comes, which is to showcase the game and promote it in front of the audience. Marketing is quite an expensive process to be done. Without this process the game buzz in the market will be missing, So make sure to follow this part in the game development.

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