We are a top-rated Magento development agency that specializes in e-commerce development. We have been working with Magento since it came out. We have a versatile portfolio, and our Magento developers have worked with several hundred websites in their careers. Hire our professional Magento developers for developing your own website and scale the business. Without professional development assistance, it becomes almost impossible to ensure impeccable user experience on a typical or e-commerce website. Therefore, at Clevbrain, we provide cost-effective and robust Magento solutions.

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Our Solutions

Magento Theme Development

The theme of a website is extremely crucial as it gives the look-and-feel. The layout of a website directly impacts the first impression of a brand and determines the overall brand image. Users remember a website with elegant layout and user-friendly elements. Good design is also the foundation of a high converting website as it generates more sales and gives more leads. Our Magento developers can help you create custom Magento themes. We will design the layout on Illustrator and PSD and transform them into a responsive layout. Our developers provide AngularJS-based Magento themes solutions.

Magento Extension Development

Magento extension is vital to implement particular features on a website. Magento extension allows website owners to enhance the user experience of their online stores. Thanks to our developers' extensive experience in Magento development, we can enable excellent Magento extension development for your needs. Our Magento developers will build a robust extension to automate a particular activity without writing a specific code every time. Our developers can also help you configure and customize existing Magento extensions to get the best out of them.

Store Advertising

If you want to promote your Magento store with various advertising activities like search engine optimization, social media, email or PPC advertisement, we have got you covered. Our Magento developers are acquainted with optimizing a website for search engine rankings. We can make your website search engine friendly so that your landing pages rank higher in relevant organic results and get more traffic for free. Even if you are looking for lead generation campaigns and want to develop advertising materials, our developers can help you with that too.

Store Optimization

If you have any existing store and want to revamp it or improve its performance, hire our dedicated Magento developers. We will go through the entire source code of your existing Magento store and create a plan to optimize it. We will audit the whole performance of your current website and implement necessary changes to improve not only the performance of your website but sales for your business.

Magento Migration

There are several e-commerce content management systems, and all of them are good. If your store is on Shopify, WooCommerce, Prestashop, or any other platform, our developers can help you migrate to Magento smoothly. Our developers have worked on different content management systems, so they know how a particular platform works and how to transfer an entire website. Our Magento developers have helped so many clients by transferring them from other content management systems to Magento.

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Why Hire Our Magento Developer

For almost a decade, our Magento developers have been helping our clients to achieve next-level e-commerce growth. We have worked with Magento and can solve almost any type of technical query that anyone can have. and that experience makes us the most reliable and dependable Magento development agency out there.

We give you complete control over who works for your projects. We will provide you the profiles and portfolio of our Magento development team so you can decide you should work on your project. We have designers, marketers, developers, and advertisers who are well-versed with the Magento and web development ecosystem. You can choose from different hiring policies, dedicated, hourly, or team to get Magento developers dedicatedly involved in your website only, hire them for a few hours or get an entire organization.