Develop an irresistible game that Facebook users would fall in love with.

At Clevbrain, we help brands and agencies create remarkable games that can be shared and published on Facebook Gameroom to target Facebook users and generate monetization effectively. Our Facebook Gameroom development packages will help you design the right game effectively. We commit to providing 100% accuracy and transparency throughout the project development.

Whether it is arcade, action, shooter, board, puzzle, multiplayer, or any other genre, we would be happy to assist you.
Facebook Gameroom

What is Facebook Gameroom?

Some of you who are not aware of the Facebook Gameroom, it is a gaming community where gamers can play online. It is a Windows-native client available for free downloading for everyone. Facebook Gameroom provides web and native games experiences to the users through the platform.

Thanks to Facebook’s interactive platform where billions of users engage per month, it is an ideal choice to target people who love playing online games.

Let’s discuss your requirements

What do We Cover?

Initial Abstract Creation

We would conceptualize your idea and thoughts about the game. Our researchers and product developers would interact with you and help you write the abstract that would work as the foundation of the upcoming steps. Unless the conceptualization is not clear, you cannot design, develop and deploy an ideal product. But thanks to our experience in Facebook Gameroom, we can guide you in creating the abstract through our initial briefing procedures.

Maintenance and Support

Just like all the other services, we always extend our association with our clients by providing reliable maintenance and support services. With our Facebook Gameroom solutions too, you get support and maintenance from our team once the game is deployed. You can get in touch with us anytime, and we try to resolve your questions. Our team will be there for you to address all your questions with maximum accuracy so that your players can enjoy excellent gaming experience in the Gameroom.

Story Building

A story, just like any other ingredient of a successful game, makes your game loved by users. It’s the story and evolution of characters that are going to determine how influential it is to the gamers. We will help you develop an interactive storyline of your game so that people can get instantly connected with your game and keep coming back to play your game on Gameroom. Once the abstract is defined, we would help you build a strong storyline and compelling characters that would make your Gameroom game effective.

Wireframing and Designing

We have dedicated teams only for creating layouts for your Facebook Gameroom game. Animators, storytellers, designers, motion graphic designers who understand coding languages like HTML unity3d, can effectively build layouts of your game that can go viral on the platform. Designing and wireframing framing are the most important steps to ensure that the game does not fail to deliver the intended UI/UX to the players. We would be providing the initial designs to you at a defined time for approval.

Development of the Game

We have a team of talented developers who have experience in coding the games built on Flash, HTML5, Unity3d and Gameroom SDK. You will get excellent support from developers who would deliver timely work to you and address all your questions anytime. If you want native or cross platform game, we have got you covered. We know that Facebook Gameroom provides excellent performance as far as launching the application, memory consumption in native games are concerned. And therefore, our developers would make sure that your approved designs are successfully converted into the game.