Achieve your ultra-specific goals with custom app development by developers at Clevbrain. Custom app development activity is night-and-day different than general app development requirements. You cannot approach it the way you do it in a mobile app or website development project. It is a different concept altogether and requires experienced manpower to pull it off successfully. At Clevbrain, we have been helping agencies and brands with custom app development requirements. Whether it is mobile, web, hybrid, cross-platform, smart applications, we have the perfect fit to help you with end-to-end custom app development tasks.

Custom App Development

Our Services

Mobile App Development

A mobile application is a valuable asset. It allows the brand to expand its audience reach. At Clevbrain, we provide custom Android and iOS application development services so that your brand can have responsive and top quality-mobile applications for its users. We build scalable apps. That means apps that we develop do not only stick to one platform. If you wish to scale it in the future, you can easily do so without having to build it again from scratch for that particular platform.

Enterprise mobility

If you have a large team and multiple departments to manage under a single organization, maintaining efficiency is a big challenge. With our enterprise mobility application development solution, you will have a robust system so that you can manage internal communications and track the performance of your employees dynamically. You can assign different rights to different people based on their roles and responsibility from anywhere and anytime.

Web App Development

Based on your requirements and future plans, we can help you with a responsive web app. Based on your custom requirement, we will provide bespoke strategies for designing, developing, testing, and advertising your web app. We can also give you an in-house CMS and CRM software under our custom web app development service so that you and your team can manage your business effortlessly from anywhere and anytime.

Hybrid App Development

If you want your app to work on different devices, we can brainstorm the layout, design, features, and unique ideas to build a hybrid app. Our talented developers and designers of mobile and web are capable of coping with creating a hybrid app that could meet any potential scenario quickly. It will provide concurrent user experience across different operating systems and devices.

Legacy Application Updating

Say hello to modern apps from our custom app development solutions. We will migrate your work from existing legacy application platforms to new-age platforms. We can make your entire digital workflow cloud-based without impacting the current workflow. You will be able to seamlessly automate manual tasks at your workspace.

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Why Hire us

We are Reliable

Thanks to our years of experience in the application development and software development industries, we know almost every programming language and framework that goes with a particular type of application development. Plus, we have enough workforce at our place to meet any custom app development requirement quickly.

We have Good Track Record

For the past 8 years, our developers have been working with the software development industry. Our versatile client support, driven by our ethics, has resulted in 99% client retention. We assure you that as long as we are on board, you won't have to worry about development.

We have Experience

Whether you want an application for eCommerce, mCommerce, SaaS, social media, enterprise mobility, CRM, CMS, we have got the relevant experience to build any custom application for your enterprise.

We Know Technologies

Whether it is iOS, Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, Linux, cloud, we have got you covered. We have implemented relevant technologies like the internet of things, augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence in different projects.