In the app development world, there are so many platforms, frameworks, and devices that have to be covered to cover the audience at scale. If you are going with native programming languages for one platform and want to expand your app on other platforms, you will have to build the same app from scratch by using another language. For example, if you are on Android and want to develop your app for desktop or iOS devices, you will have to build your game from scratch using native languages supported in desktop and Apple devices, respectively.


Hire talented Corona app developers to enable effective cross-platform development for your application.

At Clevbrain, we provide robust solutions and help our clients create stunning apps and games for mobile and desktop devices.

Corona effectively solves this problem by providing a robust SDK for all your needs.

Why Choose Clevbrain as Your Corona Developer?

We Understand Corona Comprehensively

We know that Corona is an open-source game engine, and it has unlimited possibilities when it comes to building commercial applications. We know that Corona is a Lua-based scripting language for lightning-fast and lightweight. Games like Angry Birds and Warcraft are made using Lua scripting language. We know how to optimize app performance through Corona and implement effective testing capabilities.

We Have a Versatile Team

Thanks to our extensive support and experience in the game and app development activities, we understand Corona SDK thoroughly and are acquainted with the platform. Our developers understand the leading plugins that your app would need for adding features of analytic, advertising, multimedia, and much more. Our development team is well versed when it comes to leveraging native language and Corona SDK. Therefore, we are the perfect mixture of old school app development style blended with the skills of trending frameworks to create stunning games and apps for our clients.

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We Provide Below Services

Game Development

Corona SDK is one of the best game development engines that can help you build 2D games as no other platform could. Its versatile game development engine can help you enable compelling storytelling with immersive graphics that your player would fall in love with. We can help you build stunning mobile games for desktop, iOS, and Android through the Corona SDK.

We Work with Leading Technologies

With the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning where robots can replicate user behavior and perform tasks more efficiently, apps would become smarter and more efficient. Through Corona SDK, we can work around these leading technologies and implement remarkable solutions for your app or game development activities.

We Cover Leading Technologies

We will build an enticing and technological advanced game on Buildbox. Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of game development, we have got the opportunities to work with trending technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, machine learning, and blockchain. Therefore, based on your game requirement and evolution of your game’s story, we can provide world-class user experience by implementing relevant technologies.

Designing of The Game

The user interface of any application, especially a game’s, is critical because you have to ensure that the game is elegantly designed to make people stick to their devices and keep playing. Through our designers and developers, we can create attractive game designs with high-end graphics and world-class characterization so that your players can have a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Advertising and Marketing

Our past records and results have been stellar when it comes to promoting apps and games. Once your game is briefed, designed, and deployed, our talented marketers of social media and search engine would implement interactive campaigns so that your application gets the maximum downloads and conversions online.

Dedicated Resource Hiring

At Clevbrain, we believe in allowing our clients to be in full control of their product development. If you want our skilled team to work dedicatedly on your app development project on Corona, you can choose our package, where we provide the best developers and designers who will work exclusively on your application development.