Clevbrain is one of the leading game development agencies which provide reliable solutions and cost-effective packages for attractive games on Cocos2D. The platform has over 1.4 million registered developers, with 25 thousand games already developed. The platform claims that 1 million players already play games built on Cocos2D. These numbers represent that Cocos2D is a trustworthy platform that brands can leverage to build games to entertain players.

Cocos 2D

You no longer have to worry about different codebases while developing a game for Android and iOS, which are incredibly challenging. You will have to manage different source code files, which are written in different programming languages. While doing so, you have to be agile and resourceful to cope to provide a concurrent user experience. Cocos2D can help organizations save a lot of money by allowing a single codebase for both iOS and Android. That means you don’t need to hire specialized programmers for each platform. All you need is an experienced Cocos2D development team, and you are good to go.

Since the code written on Cocos2D would be automatically supported on both the leading mobile operating systems, the overall required time would be less, and that is equivalent to saving thousands of dollars in development cost, period. Currently, it is the most robust 2D game development platform with all the reliable and necessary tools. Its robust build quality can simplify the game creation for different industries and allow them to focus more on the creativity and quality of the game.

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Cocos 2D

RELIABLE PROJECT MANAGEMENT : At Clevbrain, we have got a competent team that can cope with any game development requirement with Cocos2D.

100% TRANSPARENCY : We never share details about our clients. Every confidential information that you share with us would remain between us only.

WE BELIEVE IN QUALITY : We have realized that quality is what separates the best from the good, especially in the game development industry.

FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS : As a development agency, we understand that every project has unique requirements and requires different approaches to be able to come up with different results and lasting success.

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