Top 5 Mobile App Platforms

  • Mobile application development has gone to a whole new level from the past few years, thanks to interactive platforms.
  • Previously, developers and designers had to make a lot of effort to build a responsive app that could seamlessly work on a given platform.
  • Especially when it comes to cross-platform applications, you will have to ensure that the user experience is maintained across iOS, Android, and web.
  • It is easier said than done to maintain user experience across platforms. Since operating systems like iOS have their own rules, sticking to them while still providing the same performance can be a daunting task.
  • Now, we have got several platforms to ensure an efficient mobile application development activity.
  • Let’s understand what are the top 5 app development platforms out there.
  • Xamarin is an open-source application development platform based on .Net programming language.
  • The most crucial benefit of using Xamarin as an app development platform is its ability to provide top-notch performance.
  • Since the platform has complete access to native API and toolkits used for iOS, Windows, and Android, users will get fluidic mobile apps that perform just like native apps.
  • Plus, you get a single source code file for all the leading platforms. Therefore, you no longer need to manage separate code bases for each of them.
  • You also don’t need to use different coding platforms by hiring developers with specific skills. All you need is the knowledge of .NET and Visual Studio.
  • Sencha has got an attractive and unique set of designing components to make your application responsive and engaging.
  • Developers can streamline enterprise mobile application development with this platform. Big-scale projects are easier to manage, develop, and deploy through this robust mobile app platform.
  • The code complexity is decreased significantly through Sencha as all the dependencies on multiple libraries and different versions for different features are no longer there.
  • It automatically makes the code optimized and suitable for different platforms.
  • You can also pair Sencha with other robust JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular.
  • Companies like Apple, Cisco, Adobe, Nvidia, Samsung, and thousands of others depend on Sencha.
  • Ionic development can supercharge your mobile app development activity with its world-class features and support.
  • The reason why people are going crazy with Ionic is that the amount of value and versatility brings at the table.
  • Most importantly, you don’t have to purchase any license or paid version of any software or tool to write code using Ionic. It is an open-source platform and allows everybody to develop smart mobile applications without any fees.
  • With Ionic, developers can utilize their energies and skills into more creative work of application development instead of indulging themselves in writing monotonous code.
  • Ionic discards all the manual programming work by providing default app elements, pre-made, and out-of-the-box. So, developers can utilize it without writing any code from scratch.
  • By using Ionic, brands can create apps for Apple devices. So, no need to purchase expensive Macs or Apple desktops to develop applications for apple. Ionic’s cross-platform support will make your code automatically usable for iOS devices.
  • React Native is another popular cross-platform application development platform that gives reliable efficiency in app development.
  • React Native is created by talented developers on Facebook.
  • React Native has been very proactive in making app development an easy process for everyone. So, brands can deliver quality apps instead of getting stuck and complicated rules of programming.
  • By using React Native, agencies no need to hire dedicated developers of native languages like C++, Swift, Java, and so on.
  • Any JavaScript developer can build mobile apps using React Native.
  • They get a single codebase that makes operations and source code management very straightforward and user-centric. This way, developers can save a lot of time and resources.
  • NativeScript has the power to make your code reusable.
  • That means that a particular code snippet that adds a specific feature to the application is entirely reusable at other places as well. So, developers don’t have to build and write code manually from scratch every time.
  • Furthermore, all the native API and web application elements also are 100% reusable with NativeScript. Developers can make necessary changes in the APIs to give specific features to the app.
  • NativeScript is also an open-source platform. Moreover, react-native compiles the application elements with native default styles, so user experience becomes smooth.
  • Developers can use AngularJS with NativeScript to make a powerhouse of combination for application development.
  • With such scalability, developers can create responsive and high-quality enterprise applications with maximum accuracy.
  • You get platform-specific API from JavaScript, so you no longer need to learn Cordova and understand different programming languages at all.
  • Since the elements are reusable, development becomes a fun and more proactive task for brands.
  • So, these are the top 5 mobile application platforms that you can implement right away.
  • All of them have their advantages and limitations.
  • Based on your requirements and understanding, all of these application platforms can provide you unparalleled user experience.
  • I hope you found this article helpful.
  • If you have any questions regarding these application platforms, feel free to get in touch with us or drop your thoughts in the comments below.
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