How Technology Helps Busy People in Health & Fitness

Health and fitness are often left out of our priorities. In this era, where we have busy lives, we keep chasing the deadlines and almost forget to look after our sleep, diet, health, physique, and mental wellbeing.

We can also observe our health going downwards, and we still think of starting a healthy routine from the coming week, month, or year, but we almost always break our health commitments.

But not anymore. In this technology-driven world, we have got tools and technologies that can help busy people look after their physique and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

These technologies and tools are smart. They help people plan, motivate, optimize, and look after their health effectively.

Today, we are going to discuss what are these tools that help us maintain our health regime.

Smartphones drive most of the things we do throughout the day you. Whether you want to talk to someone, pay bills, browse social media or check emails, smartphones are always there with various apps.

For the health and fitness niche, too, you have got awesome apps. In fact, fitness apps are forecasted to reach 14.64 billion by 2027.

Using this fitness app, you can calculate your

  • Workout
  • Amount of intake/burnt calories
  • Number of kilometers you’ve run
  • Plan and follow a diet

Fitness apps are very advanced. You can enter your current weight, BMI, age, current diet along with your goal. The app will study your habits and provide recommendations for exercises, nutrition, habits, and everything else to meet your goals.

Apps will send push notifications to remind you after a specific time to do certain things — drink water, wash fash, take a walk, etc.

Fitness wearables are smartwatches and bands to calculate your daily activities.

They map your daily steps, sleeping hours, heartbeats, and stress levels.

These wearables focus on immense attention to every detail. They calculate almost everything you do because they are always with you. You can wear and forget about them, and the wearable will do its job.

Wearable will track all the activities and upload it on the cloud. You can access all your tasks using the wearable itself or through an app.

Virtual reality gives an immersive experience. It creates a virtual world that feels like a real one.

Virtual reality is used for entertainment and gaming. But for health and fitness tool, it can do wonders.

People will get video tutorials powered by virtual reality. It will give them life-like experience without going to any trainer or a local training center.

For advanced training, a trainer is needed. But if you want to maintain a healthy diet, all you need to know is a few exercises and understand the right ways to practice them.

That’s why busy people can leverage virtual reality and lead a healthy lifestyle without going anywhere.

Busy gym owners can also leverage this to create engaging promotional content. This will be a one-time investment for them to get persuasive marketing content.

They can provide virtual tours to people through virtual reality.

Social media live streaming is not a new phenomenon anymore. We have seen a lot of Instagram live sessions during this lockdown.

This emerging landscape of broadcasting everything live has opened a ton of possibilities for the health and fitness market.

People can leverage live streaming platforms to learn and practice different exercises every single day.

A trainer can broadcast a session every day at specific hours, and people can join from anywhere.

This will allow them to stay wherever they are and don’t miss their workout routine.

Smart fitness equipment are responsible for monitoring workout activities of people.

With this technology, people won’t have to be dependent on a dedicated trainer who keeps monitoring their workout to recommend the right ways.

These smart fitness equipment will observe the technique and style of workout to provide critical feedback and review. These equipment types will help people exactly spot what they want to do to increase their overall strength.

Additionally, these types of equipment will generate reports based on observations.

For example, they would tell whether you need to strengthen your back or legs. Whether you should increase your muscle or fat, and so on.

These critical recommendations will help people improve their health effectively.

Plus, since all these trackings will be stored on the cloud, people can access the history of their workouts immediately.

Basic IoT applications are already present inside smart wearables, but we are talking about advanced use cases. 

IoT helps monitor busy people’s health and their organs’ conditions. It will notify as soon as any unusual situation arises inside the patient’s body.

This will help people be prepared before almost all possible medical emergencies. IoT devices will capture the readings and display them on the screens to doctors and the patient.

People cannot regularly travel to different states or countries for their regular checkups. Therefore, they can insert a chip powered by IoT to monitor the condition of their health continually.

Artificial intelligence is a groundbreaking technology for all the verticals.

As far as health and fitness is concerned, artificial intelligence software and tools can observe your habits and routine and suggest the best immediate actions you can practice for coping.

This artificial intelligence technology has the power to observe your:

  • Sleeping habits
  • Diet
  • Physical activities
  • Habits
  • Routine

They can create a basic workout and diet plans for you.

For busy people, this single technology is extremely time and energy saving.

They don’t have to visit the dietitian to create plans, monitor, and optimize them for better health. A powerful tool powered by AI is enough to do basic things.

Chatbots make users’ communication with computers more interactive.

It is a software program itself that smartly talks to the end-user.

It is like using Cortana, OK Google, and Siri on their respective operating systems.

You can talk to Siri to remind you to drink water every 2 hours. Once you tell Siri, she will always do it without fail. This is a primary use case.

Health and fitness apps can have their own chatbots to talk to people to ensure a smoother onboarding experience.

It will be hard for busy people to note down the basic necessary steps they have to take regularly to lead a healthy life. They can share their goals and routine with chatbots.

These chatbots can have conversations, either talking or chatting, with the end-user to understand, communicate, educate, and improve their health.


Health and fitness industry is always a thriving industry, and there are many other use cases that technologies can scale.

In this blog, we have just covered the surface area of the primary applications that these technologies can perform to help busy people.

Let me know what you think about the ideas discussed in this blog in the comments below.

If you have any questions or want to add something to the blog, feel free to share it in the comments below.

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