We harness your business flow with decentralized applications so that you can scale your business effectively. At Clevbrain, our developers can build blockchain applications to make your business activities more portable, transparent, and secure. We understand blockchain development and know advanced programming for the same. So, far we have helped several brands from different industries, like supply chain management, e-learning, SaaS, travel, insurance with our blockchain development solutions.

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Our Services

Blockchain Consulting

We can help you decide where blockchain fits in your organization to enhance the workflow. Blockchain practically has unlimited possibilities, but implementation plays a vital role, and that's when we come in. We run detailed analysis and research tests to give you an exact plan on how your business can leverage the power of blockchain. We will cover every aspect of blockchain development, including designing, development, maintenance, etc. Our blockchain consultants can simplify your work life.

UI/UX Designing

Our blockchain designers will look for inspirations and come up with innovative ideas to create impeccable UI/UX for your blockchain apps. We make sure that the end-user of the product can easily access the app and securely execute the indented tasks with minimal efforts. We apply our systematic approach to creating wireframes and developing prototypes so that you can make informed decisions on how you want your blockchain app to function.

Blockchain Development

At Clevbrain, our developers can manage enterprise-grade blockchain development. We have skills to build superior decentralized systems capable of executing intended tasks with maximum efficiency. So far, we have helped more than 50+ clients accelerate their growth through our blockchain programming skills. We can comprehend your project requirement and build robust apps. We can work with hyperledger, smart contract, PUC, and custom blockchain development for our clients.


Now, nobody in the world can break the code and steal even the slightest of the data anymore. With tokenization, our developers will transform your sensitive information into immutable and highly-secured datasets that nobody can comprehend. We guarantee that our tokenization is unbreakable and untraceable. Our developers can also implement tokenization as a feature so that you can provide it as a service to your customers.

Wallet Creation

Allow your users to securely store their funds and be relaxed with it by creating a wallet from us. We have successfully developed several wallets where millions of users can store your confidential and vital data and currencies. We know how to maintain security in wallets and strengthen the usability of them. We have got you covered for any use case that you want to achieve through a wallet.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Develop an interactive, trustworthy, and responsive exchange platform to allow people to trade and exchange cryptocurrencies. We have worked with a few cryptocurrency exchanges so far. We enable secure logins and verification procedures. Plus, your exchange will be a single-stop solution for all the cryptocurrency trading activities, yet it will be smooth and seamless.

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Why Choose Us?


We know exactly what goes into executing a successful blockchain development project. Whether it is an exchange, ICO, or enterprise development, we have the relevant experience from experts to help our clients.


We have a 95% client retention rate. We guarantee that our programs will have no loopholes. We religiously work hard to improve our skills at Clevbrain. For that, our clients love us.


If an urgent requirement comes up, we can scale the workforce. Whether it is designer, testers, project manager, development, we are a dependable team to cope with any enterprise development requirements.


Our blockchain development packages are designed to help companies of all sizes. From startups to multinational companies, we have cost-effective blockchain development packages to streamline any product and business.