Appcelerator Titanium, which is also known as Titanium SDK, is an open-source JavaScript framework that allows developers to build mobile applications on leading platforms like Windows UWP, Android, and iOS.

In early 2013, it has been noted that 1 out of every 10 mobile applications are built using Accelerator Titanium. And almost 1 million developers have registered themselves Titanium SDK programmers.

As its core feature, Titanium provides cross-platform API so that native user interface components can be effectively implemented to provide immersive user experience to end-users. Native UI components such as navigation bars, dialogue boxes, menus, push notifications. You can also utilize native services like camera, contact, geolocation, and display of your smartphone by building the application on Accelerator Titanium.

This JavaScript framework also has a comprehensive collection of API. With over 5,000 API collections, you can effectively implement interactive features for your mobile applications on different platforms.

Appcelerator Titanium

You don’t have to manage separate code bases for mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. Everything will be converted into JavaScript programming language, and therefore, can be effectively managed and scaled as per the project’s requirements. So, you don’t have to hire skilled individuals. You can build an advanced mobile app by utilizing the necessary web development skills.

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Our Services of Titanium SDK

Mobile Application Development on Titanium

We will give you interactive and engaging mobile applications built on Titanium. Our application development skills with native programming languages will allow us to utilize the logic and implement it on Titanium through JavaScript.

Mobile Commerce Application Development

We can help you build your online store through a mobile application built on Titanium. Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of eCommerce websites and mobile commerce, we know how users interact with the products online and what encourages them to add a product to the cart and complete the purchase.

Enterprise Application Development

With the help of robustness and customization of Titanium, you can build full-fledged large scale enterprise applications through JavaScript. Based on the needs of your organization, we will replicate your workflow to a mobile app so that you can manage the entire functioning of your agency or company under one roof.

Application Porting and Upgrades

We would say that we are experts at scaling particular applications or upgrading their functionalities on the Titanium SDK. Thanks to our stellar careers in the field of application development, we understand the market trends and comprehend the users’ expectations. So, even if you have built your application using Titanium, we can implement our knowledge and understanding about the on-going trends and help you upgrade your app on Titanium effectively.

Mobile Application UI/UX

UI/UX of a mobile application is one of the most critical factors that determine how successful and viral the application can be. That being said, not every application requires flashy designs, animation, and high-end graphics to convert customers and retain them. Our solutions will help you to optimize your application’s layout and user experience on the Titanium framework. Our designing and development teams have the power to revamp designs for your Titanium application and make it thrive in the market.

Custom API Development

In Titanium development solutions, having reliable API can ensure smoother execution and productive user experience. If you want to integrate any third-party API, we have got you covered. If your project is considerably bigger, we can also help you develop a dedicated API for your app, which you can have ownership of.

App Promotion and Marketing

Being a full-stack application development agency, we will help you promote your Titanium application to the targeted prospects. We will design and brainstorm interactive social media and online marketing campaigns so that your application can grab more brand awareness, downloads, and conversions.