Hire designers to create a comprehensive prototype and wireframes for your mobile applications. Even though development is the essential element for product development, prototyping and wireframing can solve a lot of questions and give a clear path to development like no one could. Because by creating wireframe and prototype design, you can anticipate how the app would behave in the real world. Through prototype, you can connect the dots and make informed decisions about whether to go for a particular element or a layout for your mobile application. It can clear your doubts you had regarding a specific feature and element. Therefore, a professional prototype can save a lot of costs, time, and resources for your organization down the line. At Clevbrain, we have been developing web and mobile applications’ wireframes and prototypes for several years now. We can help you build one so that you can ensure smooth product development.

app prototype and wireframe design

Our Process of App Prototype and Wireframe Design

Project Briefing Sessions

This is the first step in creating wireframes and prototypes. To show how the app would function, we need to understand your vision and mission from the app. Whether you want to have a game app, SaaS platform, social media app, on-demand app, team management app, or anything else, this step is going to determine how the entire prototype will take shape. We will schedule calls, email conversations. We will share questionnaires to get a thorough understanding of your requirements. This step is crucial. If you can share every tiny detail, we can give you a perfect prototype, and your hard work of making changes and writing programs would be half, period.


After brainstorming ideas, we will start building a prototype and wireframe of your application. This is where the magic happens. We have teamed up with some of the expert designers of the industry. As a team, we can deliver quality results to our clients. Plus, our rigorous activities and versatile portfolio in the application development, we also understand what programming works and how particular application development is approached. Therefore, we take all the variables into account and to design the best application prototype. At Clevbrain, we have got designers, innovators, copywriters, and developers who collectively work into developing prototypes and wireframes for clients.


Once we get all the details of your project, we will start analyzing the current market scenario and research how your competitors and other apps providers are serving users. We will go through every module and sample present on the internet so that we can understand what users expect and how we can improve the existing experience through our skills. Then, we will begin designing prototypes and wireframes for you.

Reliable Deployment

Deploying a prototype is essential. After we complete designing your application, we will provide a detailed handover to you and also explain the prototype through virtual demonstration, if required. It is our responsibility to get you acquainted with the prototype thoroughly. We will share how we have developed the prototype and explain the reason for putting every element.

Transparent Communication Channels

If the project is big, and there is so much work in developing a prototype, we will provide a dedicated point of contact who would be in constant communication with your team. This will allow you to have a seamless communication medium with our agency. You can ask any questions regarding the project at any time. You will get constant updates and reports from our team so you would know the on-going activity of prototype development. We commit to providing fast support and reliable assistance through every possible.

Extended Support and Maintenance

We deliver top-most services to our clients because we are not just a development or designing agency. We are more than that; we commit to foster fruitful relationships with our clients. After delivering your prototype, we are still there to assist you in every way possible. You can ask questions and get your query resolved whenever you have some. Even if you need solutions like developing, marketing, and promotion, we have got you covered.

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