Develop a world-class Android application from a professional agency. At Clevbrain, we have worked with successful Android apps over the years. We understand the requirements of projects and determine how it should be developed to thrive in the market. Thanks to universal adaptation and evolution of the Android operating system, it is a perfect channel to start and scale the business by covering a wide range of unique customers. Android application development can give you that edge to not only improve your brands’ presence on digital but get in touch directly with the end consumer.

Android App Development

What Do We Provide

Native Android App Development

At Clevbrain, our developers know native Android programming languages, including C, C++, and Java. We use these arsenals to supercharge your and native Android application development activity to ensure fluid user experience and robust performance on the Android operating system. Through native android development, we provide that the app is supported on all the leading platforms, devices, and android versions. Our developers can cope with android app development projects of any size by using the native elements and APIs.

Hybrid Application Development

If you are thinking of covering web platforms in the future, you should still go with building a hybrid Android app right now because it gives you the room to scale to other platforms. At Clevbrain, we work to provide robust hybrid applications for our clients. We write programs using robust frameworks and technologies to create mobile applications that are not only supported on Android but also work flawlessly on the web. We utilize web programming languages with relevant JavaScript frameworks to ensure your app is giving concurrent user experience on mobile and web.

Technical Support

At Clevbrain, we not only support native languages but also work on third-party frameworks as well. We work with Phonegap, Ionic, Sencha Touch, React Native, Xamarin, Corona SDK. For different scenarios and project requirements, we implement either of these frameworks in our project. Plus, being an experienced android app development agency, we have seen the evolution of the platform. From the basic versions, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, to the latest one, Pie, we have worked with all of them. Whether you want to have social media, healthcare, educational, e-commerce, location, on-demand, entertainment, banking, real estate application, we have got you covered.

Designing Android Apps

Irrespective of products, solutions, and services that your application is providing, its user-interface is arguably one of the most crucial elements that make the app usable and successful. The user interface and layout of the application have to be top-notch so that users can easily use the application. At Clevbrain, our app designers can create layouts for your mobile application. Our screen designs are backed by experience and understanding of the market and requirements of the end-user. We add animations, graphics, content, and navigation in design after rigorously brainstorming and researching ideas.

Port Apps to the Android Operating System

If you have an existing application on iOS or the web, our Android application development services will help you port that app on Android. Our app developers will dynamically replicate your app on the Android system while maintaining the same user interface and user experience. By porting the app to Android, you are covering a broad spectrum of the Android market. It will not only give you more profits but create brand awareness for your services and products. Therefore, get in touch with us today to convert your iOS or any other application to Android.

Reliable Testing and Updating

You have already developed an Android application or developed the prototype of it, let us help you take it to the next level. Our Android application developers will go through your current application and audit it. We will identify loopholes and opportunities in your application that can help you scale your business to the moon. We will test your application to determine its performance in different scenarios and conditions. If you want to upgrade your existing application and revamp the layout and structure, we have got you covered.

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