AILS of Social Media

Social media is a key ingredient of new age life. At first, it was a medium to connect with friends and loved ones. But now over time, it has become something more than that. There are numerous information and trends seen on the social media platform. IT gives various information and ideas to the people, but not everything you heard there is truth and a fact.
Today Facebook, and Whatsapp are the house of fake news. It is filled with false assumptions and cheating ideas. There are many inappropriate ads to generate money and gambling online. These platforms are used to give the audience a new idea of their interest.  
There are many unhealthy manipulations, which increase the existential risk to argue the facts and put the wrong ideas in innocent people’s minds. To prevent this there are certain guidelines provided by apps and the government. Let’s talk about what is likely to happen to social media companies and how they might work to prevent that outcome. 


The Problems

One of the most unfortunate things is the survival of false news spreading on the internet over the years. When you associate or dissociate with any product it brings revenue to them and to make it more interesting they compiled it with a false news feed. As long as it is profitable to feed these users false news they want to believe, then the social media companies are ok with it; as long as users continue to fall for scam ads from advertisers paying for them, that’s cool too.
When ethics come into conflict with monetary, ethics tends almost always to false. At the end of the problem is that social media’s incentives are directly opposed to making these platforms safer and more beneficial for those that use them.

Fixing Social Media

Since the core is the problem it is the solution. Because social media is blended with money and brand. IT can highlight the best ideas or comments, And have the right to bring down the negative posts and abusive language with a red flag to protect the dignity of the brands.
Things you pay to watch should be of your interest and get the idea of what the audience wants to see, So they increase their engagement in the topic of their interest. It could also curate the ideas it offers to assure that they are of good quality and present the ads in terms of things the user might need, and then assure that what was shown in the ad was delivered in the product.
In other words, get under the particular idea and focus on the parts that affect your life. I can be divided into three alerts, no material impact, positive impact, and negative impact, with a link to explain why that position was taken for transparency and to further bolster trust in the service.


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